Super Rush PWD Poppers Review

PWD Super Rush Poppers have been around for almost 40 years and C2C Poppers is stoked to carry them.  Does that many anyone else feel old?  But, after the success of PWD Rush Poppers, they were smart to come up with something new after the original Rush.

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Super Rush Poppers are a step up from the original, but you should still give those a whiff if you haven’t.  The scent of these isn’t overbearing, and the effects are more intense.  The length off the effects is a lot better, too.

These were the first poppers I ever tried.  I remember taking a huge hit off them and thinking that nothing was happening, so I switched to the other side and took another huge hit off them… and then wham.  My heart rate picked up, my body relaxed, and I had a lot of fun.

PWD Super Rush is a staple of our store and we do sometimes run out of stock, so make sure that you get yours while they’re in.  If you want to grab a couple from the Rush line – checkout the original PWD Rush, Super Rush Black, or Gold Rush.

Make sure that you know where your poppers are coming from, too.  According to Pac-West Distributing, all of their “liquid products are licensed and labeled as SOLVENT CLEANER, not liquid incense, not aroma, and not nail polish remover.”  Also, the bottle should state that it is produced and distributed under license from PAC-WEST Distributing NV, LLC.  So, always check your bottles before you go putting them in your face.

C2C Poppers sells 100% authentic PWD Solvent Cleaner Poppers – guaranteed. You can tell by the holographic PWD USA label on top of the bottle.

PWD Super Rush Poppers

So that’s a little information on PWD Super Rush Poppers for you. If you have any questions about our products you can always reach out to Kevin at

PWD Super Rush Poppers

Better, faster, stronger. The original Rush is fekkin’ awesome… but this stuff is SUPER.

This poppers solvent cleaner comes in a 10ml bottle OR 30ml bottle.

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