Rush Poppers Review

Rush Poppers are generally what people think of first when they hear poppers.  That is, after they first think, “What are poppers?”

PWD Rush Poppers are manufactured by Pac West Distributing and are the flagship of their brands.  Along with Rush, they produce Super Rush, Super Rush Black Label, and Gold Rush among others that we here at C2C Poppers hope to carry soon.

When you take a good hit off Rush Poppers, you’re going to be feeling great… just not for all that long.  C2C carries verified, name-brand Rush Poppers, but be careful because there a LOT of fakes out there. 

On the 10ml bottles you can be sure by looking for the statement “Produced and distributed under license from PAC-WEST Distributing NV, LLC.”

On the 30ml bottles you can be sure by the packaging alone.  Just look for the holographic PWD USA label on top of the bottle.

Rush Poppers are not Amyl Nitrate like most people think.  They are Isobutyl Nitrate due to laws making Amyl Nitrate available by prescription only. 

But, what about the poppers themselves?  Are they popular only because of the name recognition?  Maybe.  Maybe not. They had to get where they are for some reason.  What most people don’t understand is that the brand of poppers that you use is as personal and varied as the age old question of boxers or briefs?  They hit everyone differently and so you kind of just have to try a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Not the answer you were looking for?  Sorry, boo.  But any bottle in the Rush line of products is a great place to start.  So, get yourself a bottle of Rush, Super Rush, or Super Rush Black Label and give them a good rip.  Just make sure you’re sitting… or on your knees first.

Product Details

The original Rush is the starting line for most new users. With the consistent experience that everyone has come to expect… you’re going to have a great night.

Rush poppers solvent cleaner comes in a 10ml bottle OR 30ml bottle.

All items ship in a discrete, plain, padded manila envelope with the return address “C2C Pop” to protect your privacy.

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